The wireless Bluetooth head set is a new technology emerging in the market, no matter what he type of headset is used, it uses the same technology of receiving audio signal through Bluetooth. Now, you can or have to put your smart phone in your pants pocket, wear the headset and wander through the street annoying the passersby looking as a mad person.

I also face one of these situations, my friend asked me to buy a Bluetooth headset for him. I didn’t have enough money to get him outta business. I do not have enough money to do that for him. So I forgot and he too. When I met my friend, he had such a hate for the headset now that he don’t even like to talk about that much.

This was undigested by me. So I decided to buy a Bluetooth headset. Gathered money and I decided to buy a headset.

I was un-familiar with the Bluetooth headset as haven’t bought or used it before.

I bring the device to my home and open it and it looks like something different and out of this world!! Then I came to know that the device was best bone conduction headphones . I decided not to use that device as I had mistakenly bought that so I decided to return that.

“But let’s try that for once”, a thought came in my mind.  As a new to that device, started to set up the device at last the device was setup and Bluetooth was connected.

Now that’s the main thing that inspired me using the bone conduction head set that the voice you hear through the headset is  something like you are listening from the exceptional audio. The sound directly crosses the through the cheeks and bones toward the ear drum.

It creates a 3 d effect. I was so amazed with that.

Now a days, music is becoming popular among the new generation so as to accommodate their needs accordingly, the technology also raise itself up from its last positon.

Now the main question is there any impact on my ears or mind, Answer is that excess use of everything is dangerous but as compared to the old fashioned wired headset it is safer.Yes bone conduction are safer to use , because the audio is transmitted through your skull or cheeks into your ear drum not enabling the outer ear like In the ear buds. So, it does not allows you to disconnect from the outer world and you can listen to music just talking and listening to other people at the same time. There is not any risk of ear damage as in the earbuds, fixed into the ear without any air to cross the ear.

No I have my smart phone and bone conduction headset with me most of the times. And I love to use that device.

I told my friend about that but he is still not agree to buy that stuff.

How to choose best headphones?

  • Sound Qualityis the top most factor on buying any stereo device, it should be noted that the device had a good sound quality
  • Battery Lifecan let you use the headphone whether for a long period or a short. So, a bone conduction headphone with a responsive battery quality should be chosen.
  • Waterproof facility in the electronic gadget s makes them more value able. As everyone knows that electricity or electronics and water are at two opposite edges.
  • Comfort Fit is the quality that can remove perplexity from inside you. The more the headphone is harder, the more it will be difficult to use. A light weight, comfortable and suitable sized headphones sells a lot then the opposite

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